Reducing the cost of communication using Automated Care Messaging

Family and Friends 

Ensuring resident families receive clear and efficient updates has never been as crucial as it has been throughout the pandemic. While the types of information that needs to be relayed has not changed drastically, expectations over the frequency of communication has put an additional strain on homes.


Automated Care Messaging (ACM) is the only tool of its kind, designed to equip care providers with a flexible and sustainable digital communication strategy that ensures care communities are up to date, without taking time away from care. 

See below the impact of not having a clear communication plan in place versus using a tool like ACM.

Impact of not having a clear strategy for family communication

Time spent on outreach drains resources and causes additional expense.

Resident families left in the dark and eagerly await the next update.

Time taken away from other duties while trying to manage family communication.

No clear and auditable records as communication managed across multiple channels. 

Using ACM to manage family communication in urgent situations

A consistent cost for broadcast communication that never goes over budget.

Resident families are assured knowing that they will receive updates immediately.

One member of staff can update all resident families and friends in minutes

An auditable record of exactly who received what information and when.

See our discovery page for more on the limitations of manual communication.

Here is an example of the ROI provided by using Family ACM in a 40-bed care home during COVID.

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ROI Calculator results

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