Automated Care Messaging

Automated Care Messaging

Automated Care Messaging (ACM) by Cliniconex is designed to improve communication through a secure, simple, and reliable system, specifically for the needs of care providers when engaging with their care community.


Cliniconex solutions are easy to deploy and require little-to-no training. Haelu is excited to be bringing Automated Care Messaging to UK care providers.

Return time to care with Automated Care Messaging.

There are a range of reasons why care providers would share information with service users, their families, staff, or other stakeholders. Many situations simply require direct, efficient, and clear delivery of information that can be easily communicated through technology.


Too often, care providers are burning through resources on manual communication processes. We propose a better way. A way that is working for 1,500 homes who together have sent 6,000,000 messages and returned 1,000,000 hours to care.

Return Time to Care

Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks and allow your nursing staff to focus on what matters most: caring for residents.

Increase Engagement

Keep staff, resident families and other stakeholders informed of events, policy updates and any urgent situations with push notifications to their preferred devices.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and keep your emergency preparedness plan up-to-date with effective communication tools. Automated communications are automatically logged in the EHR, creating an auditable trail.

Access and availability of key information is vital to maintaining trust, reassurance and confidence amongst your care community.  ACM can return time to your home while improving engagement.

How can ACM be used?

Staff messaging at no cost until November 30th 2021 - Heyloo in partnership with Cliniconex
Find out more about our current offer of no cost staff messaging


During urgent or emergency situations, cooperation and transparency are key. Yet the need to regularly update and inform people can overwhelm staff in critical situations and take time away from care when it is needed most.


To ensure that your risk management processes are robust and effective when it matters, your team should have the best tools available to communicate and coordinate in the most efficient way possible.

Policies and Procedures

Whether it’s a simple update to your policies or a new procedure that changes how your community engages with the care you provide, communication requires clarity and consistency.


Your communication strategy should ensure that updates to your carefully designed policies and procedures are received, understood and recorded. ACM automates these manual processes, prompting for a response and takes care of administration by automatically logging the whole process.


Communication is a significant part of care provision and access to information should not be affected by the resources available. While one of the beauties of social care is how it brings together a diverse range of people into your care community, ensuring equal access to information can be difficult.


To create a truly direct, efficient and reliable communication strategy, you need to use channels that accommodate for recipients’ needs and preferences, without using more time from your staff.

Staff messaging at no cost until November 30th 2021 - Heyloo in partnership with Cliniconex
Find out more about our current offer of no cost staff messaging
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How does it work?

Filtering contacts in ACM

Flexible customisation of contacts

Categorise relevant contact information to send notifications to groups in just minutes. The flexibility of ACM enables care providers to streamline outreach to anyone within their care community: staff, families, service users, or other stakeholders.
Sample message - The annual Open House will take place on May 24th from 2pm to 4pm. Please join us in the lounge for tea and treats. CONFIRM

Omnichannel messaging

By setting contact preferences of either email, voice, or text messaging, care providers can ensure that information is accessible without needing to manage multiple communication channels.
Text confirmation

Message confirmation or call-back request

Each message is delivered with a prompt to confirm the message was received. Additionally, care providers can choose to enable the call-back request feature. These features ensure that care providers know who has received and understood a message, and who requires more information.
message logs

Auditable record of messages

The contents of a message, its recipients, and their responses are stored automatically. Giving you one central system to audit, aiding quality control and regulatory compliance.

Use and create message templates

To ensure consistency in messaging, ACM allows you to write and save templates, ready for any member of staff to send in just a couple of clicks.

Every day, more and more care professionals come to trust Automated Care Messaging

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Family Automated Care Messaging

Broadcast messages to your residents' family and friends

£ 0.06 per bed *

*Price is charged per day and implementation costs £250 per home, capped at £1,250

Staff Automated Care Messaging

Broadcast messages to your staff and stakeholders

£ 0.06 per employee *

*Price is charged per day and implementation costs £250 per home, capped at £1,250


  • Our messaging is completely customisable- the sky’s the limit! Our team works with your facility to ensure the messaging is exactly the way you want it.

  • All of our notifications are sent out electronically.

  • Usually, our team can set up a demo/meeting with you the same day you get in touch.

  • Haelu provide support in collaboration with Cliniconex. You can contact support at any time via

  • Your message will remain the same via all three methods.

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