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Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2009 by Anthony Mar (CEO) and Tom Phillips (CTO), Cliniconex is the fastest growing patient engagement solution in Canada.

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Our partner, Cliniconex is now one of the fastest growing providers of patient and resident engagement solutions in North America.


Cliniconex has a suite of products aimed at putting patients and residents at the centre of health and social care, a mission that aligns with our goals at Haelu. More than 1200 senior care providers rely on Automated Care Messaging to keep families up to date and engaged with their loved ones home.


During the pandemic, Automated Care Messaging’s urgent and routine functionality became more valuable than ever before. Enabling care providers to send mass notifications to groups of resident contacts in just minutes – with each message prompting for a response and automatic logging of the entire process.

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Seeing the value that Automated Care Messaging provided homes in a time of need and the resources it could save moving forward, Haelu has forged a partnership with Cliniconex to create Cliniconex UK.


Through Cliniconex UK, Haelu are validating and adapting proven North American tools for the UK care sector. As such, Haelu has been instrumental in bringing Automated Care Messaging across borders and is excited to be introducing the full range of Cliniconex products to UK care providers.

Every day, more and more care professionals come to trust Automated Care Messaging


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Haelu uniquely utilises existing preventative care resources, unites them efficiently and empowers both health and social care with the information they need to quickly identify individual needs in the community.
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