Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo: Digital Transformation in Social Care

For many care businesses, COVID-19 kickstarted the journey to invest in digital solutions and highlighted the need for integration and innovation. As the care sector continues to accelerate towards digital transformation and care, users increasingly expect more innovative and adaptive digital solutions, that can offer new ways of working within and recieving care.

Lessons from the pandemic: Digitising emergency preparedness & communication plans

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation and put a spotlight on providers to find new ways of maintaining efficiency and high standards of service delivery.  In the webisode below, speakers, Paddy Gardner (MD at Haelu) and Darcy MacHale (Director of Sales at Cliniconex), discuss lessons learnt during the pandemic, from both North American and UK perspectives, particularly with regards to communication plans and emergency preparedness.


Paddy Gardner

Paddy Gardner

Managing Director at Haelu

Darcy MacHale

Director of Sales at Cliniconex

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