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Automated Care Messaging - Customer Guide

Everything you need to know about Person Centred Software customer-only features. For details about features applicable to all users, please check out the help centre provided by Cliniconex.

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Connecting Automated Care Messaging (ACM) with Person Centred Software (PCS)

To connect ACM to your contacts stored on Person Centred Software, you must first generate an API key. This is done by hovering your mouse on your picture at the top right of the PCS main screen and clicking the top menu item (your name – organisation), this will take you to your user details and on the menu is an option to take you to the API Key, which will show this screen. Select the option to generate a key and one will be generated as shown below:

This key will remain the same unless you decide to regenerate it. All data that is extracted from the system will be dependent on the level of security for the person for whom this key was generated, therefore we require an individual with top-level admin permissions to perform this task.


WARNING: If you generate a new API key, you need to inform us, as this will affect the connection between ACM and PCS.

Communication Settings

ACM allows facilities to send voice, text (SMS), or email messages to resident family contacts in a given facility and/or unit. The communication method and recipient list will depend on a number of factors, including your organisation’s settings, the contact information available in PCS, and individual contact preferences.


Note: We will only ever deliver one notification per contact (voice, text, or email). 

Determining Priority Contacts

In order to correctly prioritise which resident family contacts receive your messages, we ask you to add a preferred contact method to only the contacts that are the primary/emergency contacts of your residents.


Determining preferences can be done by any staff member with edit access to Person Centred Software resident chart profile data within your facilities by adding one of the following preference codes in the ‘Notes’ field of a contact record as shown below:

  • For voice call to landline: PR:V
  • For voice call to mobile: PR:VC
  • For email: PR:E
  • For text (SMS): PR:T

Through integration, ACM will pick up contact preference codes written in the contact’s ‘Notes’, these can be included alongside/amongst existing notes. You can change preferences at any time, for ease of use, we recommend preference codes are written clearly at the beginning of the ‘Notes’ section.


Note: Ensure the contact preference chosen is consistent with the contact details available, i.e. if PR:E is used then the contact must have an email address available in their contact details.

Including floors in your facility configuration

In ACM, you will have the ability to filter message recipients by unit, floor or room. In Person Centred Software's Mobile Care Monitoring, you don't currently have a field to include the resident's floor, so we ask that you include it in the room field after a colon (:), as shown below, so that we can gather that information to use in ACM. In the example below, this would show on ACM as room 5, floor 2. Alternatively, you might call floor 2, the "2nd floor", as long as you consistently use the same floor name, the system will recognise it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if a resident is discharged? How often do you sync with Person Centred Software data?

Cliniconex connects with PCS to get the most up-to-date contact information hourly between 8AM and 6PM. If a contact record is updated, added or deleted, or if a resident’s status is changed, ACM will use the most current information with every outgoing message.

Still have a question? Need assistance?

Contact our support team at uksupport@cliniconex.com


Contact our sales team at uksales@cliniconex.com

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Mark Morley-Noble

Feedback from families has been good and there have been comments that it is a good way to get information out to them in the form of a 'broadcast'.


 It’s such a great way forward when trying to communicate with a large number of people.


I found the Technical Support Team to be professional and friendly

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