July 29, 2021

Staff Messaging at no cost until November 30th.

Staff Messaging at no cost until November 30th.

  • Paddy Gardner
  • July 29, 2021
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The government’s decision to make vaccinations mandatory for all those working in CQC registered care homes in England by November 11th has left homes and their staff just 16 weeks to ensure they have taken both doses.


Organisations must now oversee yet another huge administrative and human resource task, with sprawling complications both now and after the deadline, and we know Automated Care Messaging (ACM) can help.

How can ACM help?

An easier way to communicate key messages and offer support

Our communication and coordination tool is proven to give homes a more direct line to their staff and families, all while saving time and resources. Instead of handling communication manually, ACM can help homes engage their staff more frequently and more efficiently, returning time to day-to-day responsibilities.


What's ACM?

Find out why 1,500+ providers trust Automated Care Messaging

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Why aren’t we charging?

Transparent and proactive communication is critical to keeping up morale in the weeks leading up to these key deadlines.

We know Automated Care Messaging can make a swift and direct impact, helping homes better organise and connect with their staff and that’s why we want to ensure there are no barriers or undue delays.

In collaboration with Cliniconex, Haelu will be offering Staff Automated Care Messaging at no charge for all homes in the UK until November 30th, to help equip homes with the tools they need to engage with their staff effectively and efficiently.

Interested in setting up ACM for your home? Speaking to one of our team and we’ll get you started in no time!

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Find out why 1,500+ providers trust Automated Care Messaging

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