September 24, 2021

Person Centred Software Integrated Partner

Person Centred Software Integration

  • Ellie Seddon
  • September 24, 2021
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Haelu has partnered with Person Centred Software to connect Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging with Mobile Care Monitoring.

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Person Centred Software Integrated Partner

Message using existing contact details

Person Centred Software’s (PCS) Mobile Care Monitoring is the first fully mobile and easy to use evidence of care system. The digital system is used by large care providers to single homes. Thousands of happy care home managers, nurses, carers and owners use the system to evidence care on a daily basis.


With features such as a relatives portal and the activities app and an appetite for partnerships and integrations, PCS is always harnessing technology to improve the lives of everybody involved in social care.


As Cliniconex's market partner in the UK, Haelu is proud to have connected two marketing leading solutions, Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging (ACM) and PCS's Mobile Care Monitoring.

How does ACM integrate with PCS?

Integrating ACM with Mobile Care Monitoring enables care homes using PCS to use ACM without needing to input and store family contact details twice. We pull the contact information safely and securely from your PCS system to send messages directly via email, text and voice message.


All you need to get started with ACM is an API key and your family’s communication preferences (voice, text or email).

An omnichannel suite for all your communication needs

Swift implementation to start sending broadcast messages

Utilises existing contact information stored in Mobile Care Monitoring

Accessible information delivered direct

Confirmation that messages are received

Via email, text or voice message

Logged for review and audit

How will it work for me?

When you want to send messages directly to a group of relatives, you simply log in to the Cliniconex web app, pick a template or create a new message, select the unit or home where the residents live and click send.


Automated Care Messaging accesses PCS, locates the necessary relatives and sends the messages automatically via their preferred method of contact (email, text or voice message).


The family is prompted to respond and confirm they have not only received but understood the message, and this is automatically logged for audit.

An omnichannel suite for all of your communication needs

Communication, engagement and transparency are key to building and maintaining a comfortable and safe environment in care. Person Centred Software’s Relative Gateway is a shining example of how to connect with resident families throughout their loved one’s care journey.


Automated Care Messaging provides a complementary way to further connect with your care community, ensuring that key messages are delivered directly and timely.


With no login or sign up required from the families, key updates can be communicated without taking time away from the care of their loved ones.

Urgent messages

  • Outbreak notifications
  • Emergency announcements

Policies & Procedures

  • Visiting procedures changes
  • Policy updates


  • Special event announcements
  • Messages of reassurance
  • Seasonal messages

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