Setting up Automated Care Messaging

With absolutely no installation necessary, once you have signed up with one of our team and received your login details.

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To start using ACM all you need to do is:


Fill in your contact spreadsheet using a template we provided, adding custom filters based on your staff and the way you work. Click here to download a template


Log in to ACM via your browser


Drag and drop in your contact spreadsheet on the ACM web-platform

After this, you’re ready to start sending messages to your team on their preferred devices. 


You can inform, reassure and survey your staff, keeping your finger on the pulse with the help of our tool. Every message prompts for a simple response which is automatically logged for future audits. By downloading your reports you can see exactly who received what information and when.

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Whether you just have a few questions, want detailed pricing, or an in-depth live demo. We look forward to chatting with you.

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Haelu - Preventative Care at Scale
Haelu uniquely utilises existing preventative care resources, unites them efficiently and empowers both health and social care with the information they need to quickly identify individual needs in the community.
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