February 1, 2022

Supporting mental wellbeing at work

Supporting mental wellbeing at work

  • Emily Fothergill
  • February 2, 2022
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Thursday 3rd of February 2022 marks ‘Time to Talk’ day, the nation’s biggest mental health conversation, run by Mind, Rethink Mental Illness and Co-op. Time to Talk Day is all about opening up the conversation about mental health.

Why is it important to talk about mental health?

One in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year and the pandemic has only made this more prevalent. Those working in social care haven’t had a break, particularly given staff shortages. Two years into this pandemic, employees are burnt out, which is compounding the issue. 

Mental health issues can affect not only our personal lives but can also creep into the workplace, affecting performance and productivity. Providing mental health support in the workplace can save businesses up to £8 billion a year.

Talking about mental health is a vital first step to supporting yourself and others.

Tips for supporting mental health in the workplace

Our workplace environment can have a significant impact on our mental health so it’s essential that employers reinforce the message that staff mental wellbeing is a priority. It’s equally important to reassure them that they will be supported should they need to open up about troubles they are facing.

Check in with your team regularly

Not everyone feels comfortable approaching managers or colleagues to discuss personal issues, by checking in with your team, you’re giving them an opportunity to be heard.


Technology can play a role in helping to facilitate these check-ins. With Automated Care Messaging, you can quickly and frequently send messages to staff offering one-to-ones or reminding them that your door is always open.


Support your registered managers

Peer support can be a tough responsibility. Managers are people too at the end of the day, and equally need support to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Automated Care Messaging can allow you to share tips and advice on good practice or inform your managers about available training.

Lift your team’s spirit

Let your colleagues know that you recognise their continued hard work. Send messages of praise and encouragement, this can be facilitated by Automated Care Messaging.


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