The Future of Community Led Preventative Care

When you better connect and understand patient needs, efficient health outcomes can be delivered


Care coordination in one platform


Scale prevention with holistic patient records


Optimise and track service delivery and resources


Anticipate and intervene with community-led data
Haelu - Preventative Care Connected Community
We are working with leaders in care to deliver connected and co-created digital solutions

Connecting Health and Social Care

Every day there are missed opportunities within community visits and care staff to connect health with social care

Haelu are on a mission to break the mould and empower those who work tirelessly within the community to transform accessibility and sustainability of care provision in the UK and internationally.

Achieve Preventative Care Using Unified, Predictive Data

Haelu utilises existing resources and empowers both health and social care with the information they need to quickly identify individual needs in the community.

Our unique evidence base and user-centric design facilitate accessible communication between health and social care with a no-fuss, focused approach that can be easily scaled for maximum impact.

Haelu - Preventative Social Care Connected Community

Risk Stratification

Remote, unobtrusive monitoring to anticipate risk

Direct Access

Integrated processes for specific, targeted access

Guided Observations

Using easily understood language

Data-Driven Referrals

The most effective care delivered first time

Patient Insights

Dynamic and evidence based for informed decisions

Patient-First Approach

Engage the patient with what matters most

How Haelu Works For Your Healthcare Environment

Flexibility to Adapt to Any Care at Home Setting

Designed to fit into any care setting being accessible at home or within the community

Haelu Integrates into Existing Health Care Systems

Built with OpenEHR standards and Open APIs – ready to integrate with any system or devices

Partnership Opportunities with Significant Discounts

Cocreated and demand-led - designed in collaboration with health and care partners

Contact Us

For any questions, general or technical, please get in touch
Haelu - Preventative Care at Scale
Haelu uniquely utilises existing preventative care resources, unites them efficiently and empowers both health and social care with the information they need to quickly identify individual needs in the community.
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